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Bellavia Makeup Artistry is by appointment only.

*Please note bridal parties of 6 or more may require an additional mua, price quoted upon booking enquiry.

Fill out your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Packages Available


1. Mobile Bridal Makeup + Touch ups for the day

 This package includes makeup and lashes for up to 7 people and post ceremony makeup touch ups (before your photos) so you and your bridal squad look perfect all day.

2. Bridal Makeup up + Reception Touch ups

This package includes makeup and lashes for up to 7 people and makeup touch ups at your reception. You and your squad will be fresh and looking perfect when walking into your reception. 

3. VIP Package

This premium package includes and all day service, makeup for up to 7 people, touch ups after you ceremony (before your photos) and touch ups at your reception so you're looking and feeling fresh and perfect before making your grand entrance. 

**Note - All packages can be tailored to suit your needs for your wedding day. Assistant MUAs are used when the number of people requiring makeup exceeds 6 or more or where timing is limited or extremely early. 

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